21,000 Naira In 2 weeks --- It's your time to do it

ATTENTION: This is not the 'official' website of Cashless Nigeria Business. This page gives a summary of how the program works. The website is at www.CashlessNigeriaBusiness.net

What is CNB? CNB--CashlessNigeriaBusiness, one of the latest networking biz in Nigeria with 2 major unique features
(i)You may NOT invite anyone before you earn
(ii)You need a very low start-up investment of 2,200 Naira. CNB partners with Mtn, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat. It might also interest you to know that it’s a
 registered agent to Etranzact
Website details:

08025107082- (SMS ONLY) <-->08035775089<--> 08096076814<-->08072690755 <-->08081188338
How much can I make with CNB?

You get the following
200 Naira for joining
300 Naira for every new member you refer
4,000 Naira (over and over again) when you complete a tree of 7(you don’t need to invite 7 people before you earn. Your group members can add people and not only you. You may bring 1,2,3 or even NOBODY and get paid( It’s real, my friend made 4,000 Naira in just 3 days with just 1 referral)

How does CNB works?

The start-up fee is 2,200 Naira & you need to join under an existing member (Your sponsor). You pay into the Company’s Bank account after which
 your membership is activated. As a member, you invite more people to earn money. The program works by ‘filling a tree of 7 people’ When the tree gets
filled, the person on top gets paid 4,000 (You can earn this as many times as possible, even 10 times a day). It’s totally risk FREE and you have nothing to
 lose. If member A is on top and the tree was filled to member D. If you were invited as member E, there are two more spaces to be filled. The good thing is that you don’t have to bring people to make progress or earn 4,000. Any of Members A, B, C, D or E (you) can invite the remaining 2
members to complete the tree. When the tree is filled, member A gets 4,000 and other members move as step forward( member A then drops down to start
again). The tree splits to two and members B and C top new trees. Recall that you are member E, now you move a step forward (even without inviting
anyone). When the new trees is filled members B and C get 4,000 each and you top your own tree. When you complete the tree with the help of your group
members, you get 4,000 Naira

a. Your group members will help you because they get 300 naira for bringing a new member
b. You can get your 4,000 Naira on the first day if you join an ACTIVE tree(like mine)
c. You don’t do the work alone because other members need you as you need them

Any Success Stories with CNB?

 On the homepage of the website, there is a list of people who earn regularly(up to 5,000 Naira daily) with the program but I’m not here to tell you about
 them since I don’t know them in person( I’ll tell you about people I know). My friend invited me but I was reluctant at first because I’ve had series of
disappointments from some Networking programs.I decided to give it a trial, after two weeks  I made 21,000 Naira. The best gist is that my 4,000 Naira keeps coming even weeks after joining.

How t
o join CNB To be in the program, you need to join under someone (your sponsor). Go to www.CashlessNigeriaBusiness.com Click on ‘Enter Sponsor id’ (Check Far left on the website) my id is MOYOSORE1 (you can join under me)

After entering my id, a page comes up, click on ‘click here' to register

Register yourself as a new member by filling the fields.

On completing this, a page will show ‘Entry saved’ ---YOUR REGISTRATION IS COMPLETE WITH THIS

The next step is activating your account. You do this by paying into the Company’s account with the following details.
Bank – Access Bank

Account name—Inspirational Resources
Account no -- 0049650884

Depositor Name – Put the USERNAME (not your real name) you used to register

Amount – 2200 Naira

After payment, text your USERNAME and Teller no to 08025107082 After this, you can log in and start inviting others. You will be automatically placed on a board/tree after activation(you get activated about 30 minutes after sending the message. You can get all these details on the website.

How to get people to sign up under you:

Anyone that wishes to sign up under you will complete the procedures above. The person visits the website and types your name as the sponsor id (after you must have registered). The person registers under your user name and then pays the activation fee of 2,200 to the company's account.

How to withdraw your money The program provides up to 6 means of payment including the following:

Directly to your Bank account in Nigeria( They charge 10% bank commission fee. So if you request payout of 5000 Naira, you get 4,500 Naira)

Direct payment into your ATM card

You may get your money from CNB agents

Western Union Money Transfer

Payment into your Libertyreserve account (This is good for people who do other online business. Top secret: If you use CNB to transfer to your Libertyreserve account, the conversion will be based on the exchange rate for that day and not any figure used by most Nigerian exchangers online.

BONUS PACKAGE FOR REGISTERING UNDER ME: For joining under me, You get the following package FREE, at no cost

How to buy laptop for as low as 14,000 Naira in Nigeria

How to open and verify Paypal account in Nigeria

How to make 20k-50k monthly as a student.

                                                                      SPONSOR ID ---------------------------------- MOYOSORE1.

I will send the package as a message on CNB but before that, send a message to me telling me you joined through the info you got here ( You can send FREE messages to other CNB members. Just Click ‘MESSAGE’ in the menu).

REMEMBER: If YOU don’t ACT now, SOMEONE else Will. For more questions,                                            
                                                                                                            call       08101749668